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From "Victor Mote" <...@outfitr.com>
Subject RE: [PATCH] doc validation fix
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 19:13:11 GMT
Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> - Do we like our current logo? :-)

I hope I am not out of line to ask an even more fundamental question -- do
we like our current name? I never have a problem writing it, but when
speaking it, I cannot make my mouth say "fop", but invariably say
"eff-oh-pee" instead. Our root "FO" is a FOrtunate or perhaps FOrtuitous
one, as there are many English words that start with these letters, and
probably many more that contain them. FOr(r)est might have been good (since
we seem to work with trees a lot), but is taken. FOrward, FOcus, or even
FOreword might each work, or efFOrtless (????). How about FOliage (with a
leaf logo)? Or perhaps a Latin word to reflect our international crew --
FOcus (again), or FOrtis, or FOrum. I also like Oleg's idea of throwing it
out to the user community.

If we wanted to make a change, it will be easier now than after a 1.0
release. There are certainly drawbacks even now. I don't strongly dislike
the current name, but it would have been far down my list (below FOist and
FOghorn, above FOlly, FOreclose, and FOrgery). I realize that old-timers
especially might not like the idea of changing. So I apologize in advance
for raising the issue, but I think it better to do so now than later.

Now, I need to answer Jeremias' FOnt questions.

Victor Mote

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