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From "Arnd Beißner" <arnd.beiss...@cappelino.de>
Subject Antwort: Re: FOP Style Guide (update)
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 18:13:56 GMT
Peter B. West wrote:

> This man must be one of them there anarchists.


No, I once had to moderate a team of 15 programmers
trying to agree on formatting. I learned you have
to work with the "Carrot-and-stick" methodology.

Meaning, in this context, force the few guidelines
that really hurt if not adhered to and leave room
for personal taste where it doesn't hurt.

Personally, I run everything through a formatter
first (even FOP) when I need to modify code.
I just can't stand Kernighan/Ritchie
braces - my visual interface doesn't scan that properly. 8-)

One further anecdote:
In a company where I worked for two years, they had a
fetish regarding hungarian notation (in C) while disregaring
most every basic rule of programming (like CVS? what's that?,
Make? Why, we have batchfiles!). I was the only one who
always got away without using Hungarian notation. I always
said: Oh, I will, as soon as you have transformed all of your
pszpptr names into pszpFilename (or whatever).
Somehow, this worked.

Cappelino Informationstechnologie GmbH
Arnd Beißner

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