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From Jeremias Maerki <dev.jerem...@greenmail.ch>
Subject Embedding examples (or tutorial) and new directory structure
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 21:15:16 GMT
Hi there

I've committed my first set set of embedding examples to the branch. I
decided not to call it a tutorial, because that's not what it is. The
intentions have stayed the same since the annoucement, though.

I intend to add the documentation for the above in the next couple of
days. Is that ok, if I just add that to the bottom of embedding.html? It
won't be much anyway.

I placed the new files in the newly created examples directory in
accordance to what we discussed around december 1st. I will relocate the
contrib stuff and the fo examples to this directory, too. I decided not
to hack away at the server side CVS directories. Too much headache
included. I'll just copy, commit, delete.

I'd like to get rid of the docs directory in the end. I think there's
still the -1 from Oleg concerning the src/foschema. How do we resolve
that? We've got:
1. src/foschema (my proposal, +1 from Keiron and Jörg)
2. src/documentation/test/foschema (Oleg's preferred location. Did I get
you right on this?)

I would also like to get src/org to src/java/org. I think it's ok to
lose history on the contrib and docs stuff when relocating. But that's
not so easy with the Java sources. I'm not going to do CVS surgery. Do
we have a volunteer? Pleeeeeeease? :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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