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From "Keiron Liddle" <kei...@aftexsw.com>
Subject Re: thoughts on fonts (was: text-decoration)
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:01:20 GMT
> > > properly discuss things like Session, Document, Rendering run, FOP
> > > instances etc. Where to cache what? What objects/services hold/provide
> > 
> > In my mind Document and Rendering run (as defined in the glossary) are
> > probably the same thing (??). I added something called Rendering instance to
> > distinguish between different output media for the same document. Feel free
> > to choose different terms -- I throw those out only to draw the distinction.
> That's good. I wonder what the others think about this terminology,
> because IMO this affects the whole redesign.

If I understand it correctly we could have:
- multiple output targets for one rendering run
- targets with the same font metrics can layout to a common area tree
- targets with similar or substitute metrics could force layout to one area tree
- other targets can have different area trees from the same fo tree

Would a rendering context make sense, which is created for each rendering 
instance and used to determine what to do for layout, rendering.

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