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From "Tore Engvig" <teng...@manamind.com>
Subject RE: Advice requested: Might have to extend FOP for Barcodes
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 18:06:04 GMT
Advice requested: Might have to extend FOP for Barcodes
There have been discussions about generation of barcodes earlier in this
list, I'm sure you find a solution if you search the archives.
There exists quite a few barcode fonts, but most of them are broken (at
least from fop's viewpoint) the main problem for most of the fonts is that
they have no cmap. You can add the cmap yourself by using various font
tools, one tool is VOLT from Microsoft, available here:

Others have been succesful in generating barcodes by using svg.

Maybe someone who uses barcodes a lot could post a list of fonts that work
with fop and how to generate barcodes with svg, this should really go into
the FAQ.


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  From: Clute, Andrew [mailto:AClute@iccohio.com]
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  Subject: Advice requested: Might have to extend FOP for Barcodes


  First some background on what I need to do: We generate forms that must
have a barcode on them so our sorteR machines can seperate them for
mailings. If a form has 7 pages on it, each page will have a barcode that
says 1 of 7, 2 of 7, 3 of 7, etc. It actually looks like this (the barcode
is encoded with the following text):



  These barcodes are gif images that are placed using external-graphic, but
since the src property of extrnal-graphic cannot handle dynamic content, we
take an intermidete step that parses the fo doc and does string replacement
to place in the appropriate URI for that particular barcode image.

  This worked fine when our forms where layed out in such a way that every
page-sequence tag generated one and only one physical page (I was using that
tag as my template match to place in the external-graphic). However, we now
have some forms that can be one page, but flow into two if the dynamic data
is larger than we thought, which means that the first page in the
page-sequence gets the barcode, but none of the other pages do! Poop!

  So here is my proposed solution and I would like some feedback on it:

  1) I am going to place a static-content element inside my page-sequence,
to make sure every physical page gets .....
  2) A new FOP element, probably named barcode-external-graphic, that
extends external-graphic. This element will be responsible for, based on
it's attriburtes, creating the URI path to the gif file, and then calling
external-graphic to render the image with this new URI.

  I know that this extends FOP, and that any future version I go to, I will
need to possibly modifiy this to work.

  I would like feedback on the feasibilty of this, and if anyone else knows
of a different workaround for this situation.

  Thanks in advance!

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