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From "KAPOOR, Amit" <amit.kap...@ser.de>
Subject Any Possibility left?
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:02:57 GMT
Hello Dear All,
  first of all, i would like to thank all of you to give me suggestions and
valuable time.
I have tried a number of times and in different ways like some people
Here I list a few of the processes and still it does no good.

  I downloaded FOP 15 for beginers and I tried running its runtest.bat. It
works perfect.
  I downloaded FOP 16 and copied some files like xerces121.jar xalan121.jar
and jimi1.0.jar and tried running its runtest.jar. But doesnot work.
  I did it again FOP 16 with xalan2 and xerces123.jar. No use.
  I did FOP15 with xerces121.jar xalan121.jar and jimi.jar but still not

I wanted to know , if i must use the ant.jar from FOP or the one which I get
from Xalan.??

sometimes i get an error Unkown tag in config file or sometimes I get error
for some reference.
I am a little too confused.
I get reference error and I have bsf.jar, xml.jar w3c.jar ant.jar , fop.jar
, xalan.jar and xerces.jar with specific classpath.-

Can any one help.
It will be really appreciated.

thanks a ton
Amit Kapoor

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