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From "Brian DeCamp" <Br...@BlackstoneBay.com>
Subject RE: keep-with-next
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2000 01:57:05 GMT
It's possible that I'm missing a greater point.

"A keep-with-next condition is satisfied if the last area generated and
returned by the formatting object is not trailing within a context-area, or
if there are no following areas in a pre-order traversal of the area tree."

The behavior I'm seeing is that the "next" block does not split (which it
may and still satisfy the above condition), and it is repeated at the end of
the first area *and* the beginning of the second area. For instance:

<!-- ============== begin sample input.fo ================ -->
  <fo:block keep-with-next="true">A. First title.</fo:block>
  <fo:block>paragraph one text</fo:block>
  <fo:block keep-with-next="true">B. Second title.</fo:block>
  <fo:block>paragraph two text</fo:block>
<!-- ============== end sample input.fo ================ -->

results in something like:

<!-- ============== begin sample result.pdf ================ -->
A. First title.
paragraph one text (possibly multiple lines complete and unbroken)
paragraph one text (again!)
B. Second title.
paragraph two text
<!-- ============== end sample result.pdf ================ -->

For my test, when the keep-with-next properties are omitted the page-break
occurs in the middle of the paragraph two text, which actually completely
satisfies the keep-with-next condition. Hope that helps.


P.S. I bet you are already aware, keep-with-next.within-page="always" has no

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From: Fotis Jannidis [mailto:Fotis.Jannidis@lrz.uni-muenchen.de]
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2000 3:35 PM
To: Brian@BlackstoneBay.com
Subject: Re: keep-together

> Are the keep-together family of properties implemented in fop-0_13_0? I'm
> having some trouble getting them to work.

Only keep-with-next is listed in the docs

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