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Subject [Xmlgraphics-fop Wiki] Update of "AreaTreeIntermediateXml/NewDesign" by JeremiasMaerki
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2008 13:24:22 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by JeremiasMaerki:

The comment on the change is:
Update from initial experiences

  public interface IFPainter {
-     //for foreign content and extensions
-     ContentHandler getContentHandler();
+     void setUserAgent(FOUserAgent userAgent);
+     void setResult(Result result);
+     boolean supportsPagesOutOfOrder();
      void startDocument();
      void endDocument();
@@ -95, +96 @@

      void startPageSequence(String id);
      void endPageSequence();
-     void startPage(int index, String name);
+     void startPage(int index, String name, Dimension size);
      void endPage();
      void startPageHeader();
@@ -109, +110 @@

      void endPageTrailer();
      void startBox(AffineTransform transform, Dimension size, boolean clip);
-     void startBox(String transform, Dimension size, boolean clip);
+     void startBox(AffineTransform[] transforms, Dimension size, boolean clip);
-     //For transform, something like Batik's org.apache.batik.parser.TransformListHandler/Parser
can be used
+     //For transform parsing, Batik's org.apache.batik.parser.TransformListHandler/Parser
can be reused
      void endBox();
      void setFont(String family, String style, Integer weight, String variant, Integer size,
String color);
      //All of setFont()'s parameters can be null if no state change is necessary
      void drawText(int[] x, int[] y, String text);
-     void drawRect(Rectangle rect, String fill, String stroke);
+     void drawRect(Rectangle rect, Paint fill, Color stroke);
      void drawImage(String uri, Rectangle rect); //external images
      void startImage(Rectangle rect); //followed by a SAX stream (SVG etc.)
      void endImage();
+     void handleExtensionObject();
      //etc. etc.
@@ -163, +166 @@

   * [done] Check usage of PPML in this context. (Result: Wouldn't really help in this context
but the resemblance of the basic structure to the new IF is remarkable.)
   * [OPEN] Don't forget different writing modes
+  * [OPEN] Decide whether to split IFPainter into IFDocumentPainter and IFPagePainter to
reduce the number of methods per interface.
  == Comments ==

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