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From Thomas DeWeese <thomas.dewe...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: SVG to PNG transcoding and phaysical image sizes
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 19:17:48 GMT
Hi Werner,
    Yes, text renders differently on different platforms, and yes this is
very annoying, and no I don't know of anyway to work around it.
It causes all sorts of headaches with the Batik automated testing system
(it more or less means that you need a set of reference images for
every platform).


On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 2:27 AM, Werner Guttmann <werner.guttmann@indoqa.com
> wrote:

> No, I haven't yet (and will), but it looks like the problem seems to be
> with some SVG text elements and their rendering on various platforms.
> Thanks
> Werner
> On 15.05.2012 19:05, Joel Uckelman wrote:
>> Thus spake Werner Guttmann:
>>> Hi,
>>> in one of our projects, we are currently using the PNGTranscoder to
>>> produce a PNG from an SVG, and everything works just fine (in terms of
>>> expected output, content, ...). As part of some recent testing, we came
>>> to realize that the PNGs produced are of differing physical byte sizes
>>> on different machines.
>>> E.g. a PNG image of dimension 1620x1118 px one one box has a size of
>>> 10,836 bytes, whereas a second server produces 10,864 bytes worth of PNG
>>> from the very same SVG (using the very same binary and thus process). Is
>>> this something we should be expecting, and if so, why is this the case ?
>> That's not many bytes difference. Have you compared the PNGs in a hex
>> editor? It could be that one of the metadata fields has some system-
>> specific information in it.
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