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From "Helder Magalhães" <helder.magalh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Flow problem
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 23:31:45 GMT
>    http://test.pdxrm.wd-2.net/navmenu-heading.png?text=xxx+yyyyyyyy
>    http://test.pdxrm.wd-2.net/navmenu-heading.png?text=xxx+yyyyyyyy+zzzz
>  See how the flow is not working right?  In both cases I lose some text, but
> I can't figure out where it is going...
Definitely this seems a flow issue. First link doesn't work but this
one shows a few "Y" characters:
Issue seems to occur when text hits the image border. Once an "Y" is
added to the link, the text disapears. Why not pasting relevant SVG
content prior to PNG conversion?

> I'm using Batik 1.6
That is rather old. I remind a bunch of issues in 1.6 which were
readily fixed in 1.7. Maybe yours is one them...

> I tried upgrading to Batik 1.7, but got an NPE when I tried to run it (sorry, don't have
the exception stack trace anymore... I went back to Batik 1.6 so I could demo this problem)
Have you tried with a nightly build [1]? If it doesn't help much, the
attempt may at least give you the chance to grab the NPE and paste it
it here! :-)

IMHO trying to isolate issues in outdated software can be mostly
useless - the issue may already be fixed. I believe that testing with
a nightly version or, at least, with latest release is important to
bring/keep attention on this thread. Again, providing source SVG
produced by XSLT may also help.


  Helder Magalhães

[1] http://arc.mcc.id.au/batik-nightly/

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