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From "Ruud Steltenpool, http://svg.startpagina.nl" <...@steltenpower.com>
Subject on improving Batik's usability
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 10:37:08 GMT

"Batik is great, more people should use it (to improve on the greater 
SVG state), and ease of use is the way to make that happen" is in a 
nutshell what i wrote before.

As seen below i did get some helpful reply, but nothing about whether 
any of my ideas are on the Batik roadmap.

Could someone please give me a good estimate of if/when/where/how these 
ideas will/might get realized?

Thanks, Ruud


Cameron McCormack wrote:
 > Hi Ruud.
 > Ruud Steltenpool:
 >> Batik is great, but i have some ideas to make it even better, make 
more people use it especially, the keywords being fast and easy.
 >> -provide alternatives for command-line scripting (it scares away 
 > Yeah, I think a GUI interface for using the transcoder (and ttf2svg is
 > reasonable).  If you’d like to contribute, please do!

Here's a little contribution, some HTML: 

 >> -An installer that gives me shortcuts in my startmenu and on my desktop.
 > Sounds a bit platform specific.  If it could be just a shell
 > script/batch file, that could be ok.

That would already help a lot, and take a little

 >> -on-line services on apache.org (web-interfaces for ttf2svg, the 
pretty-printer and certainly the rasterizer, and a "WebStart Squiggle" 
button. Batik is a lot better at detecting SVG errors than most/all 
others, a validator.apache.org that gives the errors up to where Batik 
stops rendering could be a limited but rather helpful tool.
 > So I do have the webstarted Squiggle on
 > http://arc.mcc.id.au/batik-nightly/, but I guess you are asking for a
 > more “official” one.

Yours is very nice, i linked it http://svg.startpagina.nl, but...
One at the Batik pages would make a lot more people notice it, those 
pages are more official and trusted, and a release version instead of a 
nightly is what many people probably prefer

 > I’m not sure about the validator idea though, especially if it didn’t
 > give any more information than just opening the document with Squiggle
 > would give.  I think a proper SVG validator would be useful, though.
 > It’d be good if validator.w3.org could do it.

You're right. I've hacked together a bit of code and made some noise at 
w3.org and openclipart.org and especially at the last one it seems to 
have started some activity on the matter.



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