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From Andreas Neumann <neum...@karto.baug.ethz.ch>
Subject Re: SMIL problem: SVG Fireworks - org.apache.batik.parser.ParseException
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 08:13:18 GMT
thanks a lot for detecting that ";". I removed it and changed .begin to 
.beginEvent and everything seems to run fine now.

I also added the "static" attribute. Don't know if that helps, but at 
least on my Linux box it seems to run on reasonable speed now.

Thanks a lot,

Cameron McCormack wrote:

>Andreas Neumann:
>>I tested the new SVN version with the SVG fireworks example: 
>>The example fails and I get the following error message:
>This exception is because there is an error in the document.  One of the
>begin attributes in the document has a stray semicolon at the end.
>After fixing this (and a small change just checked in to SVN), it mostly
>works (albeit a bit slowly).  What doesn’t work, though, is the
>triggering of the last 5 animations in the document based on the
>interval ends of animations inside the symbols.  I suspect this is
>because of how the animation elements are cloned in the use shadow tree.
>I think some non-trivial work will be needed to fix this.  Changing
>them to .beginEvent and .endEvent instead of .begin and .end works,

Andreas Neumann
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