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From Peter Wagener <peter.wage...@hypoluxo.com>
Subject Setting Tooltip Font Family Work-Around
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 16:00:51 GMT
Hi All,

I've been reading an old thread in the archives that discussed how to  
set the font of a tooltip in JSVGCanvas.  The original poster was  
wondering why the font of his tooltips could change size, but setting  
the font family itself wouldn't have any effect.  I was having a  
similar issue, where my tooltips that came from SVG weren't the same  
font as the tooltips from the rest of my non-SVG GUI.

The original poster was trying to use this code to set the font, font  
size, and background of the tooltip box:

Font font = new Font("SansSerif", Font.PLAIN, 24); // only size shows  
an effect
FontUIResource fontRes = new FontUIResource(font);
UIManager.put("ToolTip.font", fontRes);
UIManager.put("ToolTip.background", new ColorUIResource(Color.CYAN));

The result of this is that the tooltip would show up with the correct  
size (24 point) and background (cyan), but the font family would not  
be SanSerif.  Strangely this was the only thing that was ignored.   
The thread ended without a solution to this problem, and I haven't  
been able to find another thread discussing this issue either.

After some digging, I think I've found the cause of the original  
issue.  JSVGCanvas is using 'setToolTipText(...)' to set the content  
that gets displayed as a typical Swing tooltip.  When calling  
'setToolTip(...)' the content is formatted as HTML -- something like  

<html><body><tt>Some Tooltip Here</tt></body></html>

Note that the content is being wrapped up in HTML TeleType tags.  By  
doing this, the HTML display of the tooltip will always use TeleType;  
any font set in the UIManager (including the defaults for the UI) are  
overridden.  This made my work-around pretty easy:  in my subclass of  
JSVGCanvas, override 'getToolTip()' and strip out the <tt> and </tt>  
tags from the content (see code at the end).

I haven't dug into the Batik codebase enough to find out what the  
reason is for using the <tt> tags in the first place though.  Does  
anyone know why it's doing that?  I'd like to get rid of this  
workaround at some point....



The Work-Around:  In some subclass of JSVGCanvas, strip out any <tt>  
and </tt> tags prior to returning the tooltip HTML:

  * Overriding <tt>getToolTipText</tt> in order to remove the
  * TeleType tags that JSVGCanvas normally wraps any
  * tooltip text in.
  * @return The HTML content to be used as a tooltip
public String getToolTipText() {
     String text =  super.getToolTipText();

     if (text != null) {
         text = stripTeletypeTags(text);

     return (text);

  * Strip out TeleType tags ("&lt;tt&gt;" and "&lt;/tt&gt;") from
  * the given text.
  * @param text The text to strip the tags out of.
  * @return the modified text.
private String stripTeletypeTags(String text) {
     StringBuffer buff = new StringBuffer();

     int ttStart = text.indexOf("<tt>");
     buff.append(text.substring(0, ttStart));

     int ttEndIndex = text.indexOf("</tt>");
     buff.append(text.substring(ttStart + 4, ttEndIndex));

     buff.append(text.substring(ttEndIndex + 5));

     return (buff.toString());

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