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From "Gore, Duane" <deg...@STPEGS.COM>
Subject Drawing size in Batik-Rasterizer
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 16:46:47 GMT
I am using Batik with Java 1.5 to create an image about 5000x2000
(pixels?).  The XML file output generates successfully (the coordinates
of the last box drawn is what I expect).  However, when I use rasterizer
to produce a jpeg or tiff, the size of the resulting image is only a
small portion of the upper left corner of the total image, probably
about 200x300.


Here is the line I use to execute rasterizer:

java -Xmx264M -jar c:\batik-1.6\batik-rasterizer.jar -maxw 5086.0 -maxh
2604.0 -bg -d c:\temp\raster -m image/jpeg -q 0.5
c:\temp\SVGout.svg -validate


What am I doing wrong?



Duane Gore

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