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From Hocine Hamadi <shadowhoc...@yahoo.fr>
Subject interaction with a group of severals JSVGCanvas
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 09:44:09 GMT
  I’m looking for solutions and advices about Batik.
  Actually, I’m loading a SVG file in a JSVGCanvas and it is rendered fine.
  OS : Windows XP Pro SP2 using eclipse V3.1 with Batik API
  But the thing is that I’m trying to use several SVG file and group them into the same
object in order to Pan, rotate, Zoom them all together.
  For example: 
  -          I load a SVG map in a JSVGCanvas
  -          This JSVGCanvas is added to a JPanel
  -          I need to set several positions on this map with a cross image (svg, jpg ...)
  -          I want them to move, rotate, and zoom all together, not only the SVG map. Actually,
the cross has to follow all the actions performed on the map.
  I don’t know which method to use to perform this.
  Here are some methods I thought about :
  - Create a JSVGCanvas for each cross image and add it to the JSVGCanvas map ?
  - Use only 1 Canvas for the map and add my crosses to it ?
  I look forward to hearing from you.

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