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From "Lukasz Matuszczak" <l.matuszc...@atrem.pl>
Subject Re: SVGImageElementBridge and closing url connections
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 05:34:33 GMT

>   Somewhere between the two.  We should close the stream when we know we
> are done with it to help the system reclaim resources sooner but I don't
> think this is a full out bug.  I'll fix it anyway as it's easy to fix
> and I agree it's ugly.
> [...]

Thanks for you help. Of course you are right that there is no rule that you must 
call 'close' but as you said it is nice to call it to free all unused resources 
sooner. Otherwise for example files and sockets remain open until GC activates 
and call 'finalize' methods of such classes as FileInputStream or SocketImpl. My 
InputStream subclass also calls 'close' from 'finalize' so I agree that there is 
no memory leak, but as my protocol handler can open only one InputStream at the 
same time, everything works very slowly.

Lukasz Matuszczak 

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