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From Eric Yuan <boye...@gmail.com>
Subject (Dummy) How to start batik browser from java source code?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 00:30:18 GMT
Hi all dudes,

This is just a dummy question from a beginner. actually what i need is
a graphical tool for the "Travelling Salesman Problem" (TSP), it is
graphically simple, only some nodes and arcs. mission is to visualize
how e.g. a greedy algorithm is gonna select every next node, by
showing a short movie or by interacting with mouse clicks. one
possible way is, during running my java source code for TSP, call
batik consecutively to display the state of the graph at each step.
questions are:

1, i can generate a svg file in java, but after that, how can i start
the batik browser from java source? i know the way to start it from
command line with "java -jar ...", but is there a way to call it from

2, if the svg graph is only slightly changed, e.g. change the color of
only one arc, do i have to regenerate a new svg file and restart the
browser again? is there a faster way?

or, is there some other better ways, e.g. would batik_slideshow
possibly help in this case?

Many thanks!

p.s. is there an svg tag showing directed arcs (with arrows)?

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