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From "Bob Carpenter" <b...@engineer.com>
Subject SVG Business Opportunit
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2005 08:33:04 GMT
Hi Batik Users,

We're building a J2EE app that involves viewing of site plans and building
floor plans which are in SVG format. These plans originate as CAD files and
we require customers to supply us the plans in DXF format to be used with
our product. We have been talking with commercial companies that are in the
CAD conversion business to provide us a service that will take in a DXF,
clean it up by removing unneeded layers, and then return to us an SVGZ. The
process has been proven to work fairly well, but the cost is about USD$150
per DXF file.

So we thought we'd shop it around a bit and see if any
entrepreneurial-minded people in the Batik community would be interested in
establishing a service like this.

I am writing a Requirements document, and will provide it to interested
people. The primary requirement is that it be a near automatic process, from
our perspective. Think in terms of how Adobe converts, say, MS Word docs to
PDF. They have a server product that watches a folder, whenever a Word doc
shows up it's converted. We'd sort of like the same approach, but any viable
mechanism that looks automatic to us would probably be suitable. We don't
need immediate conversion turn-around, 24 hours would be fine. We do need
this service up and running by June, though.

Please contact me for more info.


--Bob Carpenter

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