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From Jordi Ferran <jordi.fer...@gmail.com>
Subject [ batik-user ] : Batik Tunning and Performance Issues
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 17:38:45 GMT
Hi all,

I'm generating JPEG images with Batik for rendering a great amount of
items, about 35.000 now. The problem is the speed, 8 to 50 seconds is
unacceptable on the real-time scenario I must work with.

Now I use the JPEGTranscoder class combine with a TranscoderInput. I
manually build up the Document tree on memory and then give it to the

My question is:
Which tricky tunning optimizations can I do to speed up the rendering time ?

I see different rendering times (8sec-50sec) depending on the
resolution 400x300 faster than 2000x2000 pixel image, using the same
amount of items to be rendered.

It is any achievement using this library on a real-time scenario with
a heavy load on the rendering component ?

Thanks in advance.

Jordi Ferran Sanchez

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