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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: xerces path problem
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:35:09 GMT
michael sorens wrote:

> from this command:
>     java -jar batik-rasterizer.jar build.svg
> I'm running xerces 2.6.2, and both xmlParserAPIs.jar and xercesimpl.jar 
> are in my class path, so why is the SAXParser not being found?

    I am under the impression that when using -jar your classpath is
not used (I know the -cp option is ignored).  You can place the
Jar files in the appropriate JRE directory to have them searched,
or you can use just -cp (referencing all the needed jars) and specify
the Main to use as normal.

> As a side question, I thought all jars needed to be in the classpath, 
> but I notice that I do not have to put all the batik library jars 
> explicitly in the classpath; having them in a subordinate lib directory 
> seems enough to find them. Any explanation (or documentation pointer) on 
> how this works would be appreciated.

    This is how jar files are supposed to work.  There is a classpath
entry in the manifest that specifies what other jar files should be
included with this one (see xml-batik/sources/batik-rasterizer.mf).

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