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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: Unneccesary class loading?
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 12:58:16 GMT
Hi Bertalan,

Bertalan Fodor wrote:

> I have a terrible time struggling with a performance issue on using 
> Batik in an applet.
> When the Java Plug-in (1.5.0) is running my applet, it always try to 
> download lots of non-existent classes. Accessing the server takes a lot 
> of time and so does applet loading.

    This is an issue with Applets there is no way to remove the server
directory from the Applet ClassPath.  You really want to be able to
tell it to only look in the jar files.

> These non-existent classes are in three categories:
> - classes that are related to language-dependent resources, like:

    I believe that most of these are fixed in CVS.

> org/apache/batik/bridge/resources/Messages.class

    These are not because this is how the JDK does

> - classes that are tried to be instantiated in a Class.forName, or 
> something like that I suppose, e.g:
> org/mozilla/javascript/optimizer/Codegen.class

    This is not fixed in CVS, and it just part of how Rhino works.

> org/apache/batik/script/jacl/JaclInterpreterFactory.class

    This is fixed in CVS.

> - classes that are related to the script variables included in the SVG 
> file, like:
> in case of variable 'document', the classes looked for are:

    This is tricker, and has to do with how Rhino 'flattens' the
Java namespace to the ecmascript namespace.  You _might_ be able to
help yourself out a bit by using 'window.document'.  Rather than
relying on global object properties.

> In my svg, this causes cca. 60 other web accesses.

    I'm surprised it is this high, are you not declaring your global

> Do you have any idea how to overcome this problem?


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