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From Scheit Christoph <christoph.sch...@siemens.com>
Subject Update of JSVGCanvas
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 15:34:10 GMT
Hi all!
I want to enable users to search element within an svg-document, which
works fine. The problem is, that if an element is found, I want it to change
his stroke and stroke color for 5 seconds e.g..
My Idea to this was to start a thread, which manipulates the attributes of
the element, waits for five sec. and then undo's the manipulations. This
didn't work and I found the answer to this in the FAQ's. Now I start the
Thread like this:

invokeLater(new PeriodMarker(elem, new MarkerImpl() , 5000));
where PeriodMarker is a class implementing Runnable.
The run-method in PeriodMarker looks like this:

   try {
    // sleep
      catch (InterruptedException ex) {
where marker modifies the according attributes.
What happens is, if I comment the last line out, that after five seconds I
see the changes...
Any suggestions what to do?

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