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From David Kane <dk...@money.buser.net>
Subject RE: Running SVG viewer in Mac OS X
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 15:53:48 GMT

Back in May there was some traffic on the batik-dev and the batik-users
lists about problems running batik under MacOS X.  I saw some similar
traffic on the Apple Java list. [For context, some snippets are listed
below]  I've been testing this with Mac OS 10.0.4 with Batik 1.0 and the
1.1rc with similar results.  I was curious to know if anyone had insight
as to whether this bug is really on the Apple side of the house, and the
prospects for its resolution?  Thanks!


Gerd Castan <gerd.castan@z.zgs.de> wrote:
>Using Apache Batik 1.0 final (batik-svgbrowser.jar) on Mac OS X 10.0.3
>any SVG file looks like pay tv without decoder. I put an example on

Thomas E Deweese <thomas.deweese@kodak.com> wrote:
>I have constructed a simple test case that demonstrates this
>bug, and it has been submitted to Apple, they are working on it but
>I have heard no estimate of when it might be fixed.


>    The fix would not be quick, but is reasonably obvious :)
>    The problem is that they don't handle 'child rasters' properly.
>Since we use this fairly extensively in the rendering chain, it would
>not be very straight forward to remove from Batik.  Given my simple
>example I hope that they can fix it fairly quickly.

 David Kane                     david_kane@houseofyin.com
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