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From Peter Becker <pbec...@meganesia.int.gu.edu.au>
Subject Re: Projects/Products using Batik?
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2001 04:47:23 GMT
Vincent Hardy wrote:
> Hello,
> A little survey: it would be interesting in know of projects or
> products which are using Batik for those of you who are free to
> share that information. It could be a good idea to put together
> a page on the Batik web site listing known usage of the software.
> If you respond to this email either on the mailing list of to me
> privately, thanks for mentioning what your project or product does,
> providing a link to a public web page if any and for telling me if
> it is ok to add the link to a page on the Batik site.

Hello Vincent,

you are aware that this is a public invitation to spam the list? *g*
Here is mine:

XWeb (http://xweb.sf.net) is a tool to create websites automatically out
of XML input. The navigation is created using XSLT, buttons/banners can
be created using either Batik or a simple internal renderer. The idea is
to be able to add/remove content/structure without touching the layout
at all, similar to XML Stylebook but with a slightly different approach
(and with SVG support). Since the process is automatic but the result
static the output can be uploaded to any HTTP server.

Additionally Batik can be used as processor for documents (turning SVG
into PNG or JPEG). Works all nicely except for the fact that I still
have to create temp files for buttons/banners due to the old DOM
conversion problem :-(

Advertisement is always welcome ;-) The program is currently in the
Public Domain, we will probably switch to BSD or Apache style licensing
soon. Check out the website for information, as example and for
comparison to other projects.


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