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From Micah Blake McCurdy <mi...@hfx.eastlink.ca>
Subject Text overlapping bug
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2001 20:40:38 GMT
Hallo all

I believe i may have discovered some sort of bug in the text rendering. The 
simplest test program (Hello World) prints the text some eight or nine times, 
offset slightly, overlapping significantly. I thought perhaps this might just 
be a symptom of my rudimentary understanding of SVG, but running batik against
one of the samples in the samples directory (textRotate.svg) produces the 
same strage text effect. To demonstrate, i took a screenshot of this, it can 
be found at users.andara.com/~micah/batik.jpeg. I'm using batik-1.0 and jdk 
1.4.0, on a 2.4.8 linux kernel.

By the way, batik rather appears to be an exceedingly good program. For that 
matter, everything on xml.apache.org is great. But I'm rambling

Micah McCurdy

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