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From Thierry Kormann <tkorm...@ilog.fr>
Subject Re: Rasterizer "RFE" - has this been done?
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 08:45:58 GMT
On Friday 27 July 2001 08:44, John Robert Gardner, Architect wrote:
> Is there anyway that the rasterizer can support XPointer-like URL's for
> the [-d <directory>] option?  More specifically, simply an anchor/id in
> an SVG file such as home/gardnerj/svg/myfile.svg#segment ?
> In this sense if one had --say-- many slides in one SVg instance and
> wanted to furnish an option at the command line to get a jpg of only
> that one slide, that one segment of the file, this could be done.
> Perhaps this is already implemented, so RTFM is welcome.  It's not
> something I can hack in code as anyone watching me putter with any .jar
> more complex than SimpleExample.jar will tell you .. . .  :-)

The rasterizer (and the viewer) fully supports URI fragments and SVG View.
For futher details about the syntax, you can have a look at:


You can use such URI fragments on the command line and rasterizer a 
particular view (using the view element), a particular element using xpointer 
or a particular region using an 'inlined' transformation matrix in the URI.

If you want examples, take a look at our samples with the svgbrowser:


Does that help?


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