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From "r d" <batik...@hotmail.com>
Subject JavaOne- Batik materials on Batik site?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 18:24:54 GMT

Thank you for your great description of JavaOne Batik sessions!
its great to read about Batik and it showing at JavaOne...Long live Batik 
and SVG!

I think that Max brings up a good point about session materials..

>>I think it would be a good idea to put the materials from the BOF and >the 
>>technical session on the Batik site.  It appears Sun is going to >>attempt 
>>to sell access to the slides from JavaOne this year, which I >>think is 
>>very unfortunate.  Hopefully the Batik materials will be >>.available to 
>>all at no cost.

I would like to second this idea....I do not know the legal problems that 
may surround the Batik Team on this issue.....but I do know that the 
individuals that made the presentation....can make a Batik presentation on 
the Batik site....if they want....If the material is free on Sun Site then 
there should be a link to it...If it is not free....then in the spirit of 
the open movement and Apache mission, I would like to request that it is 
placed on the site for free :-) :

Here is apache Mission :
to provide commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are 
developed in an open and cooperative fashion,
to provide feedback to standards bodies (such as IETF and W3C) from an 
implementation perspective, and
to be a focus for XML-related activities within Apache projects.

developed in an open and cooperative fashion....I believe putting the batik 
session notes(video,slides, etc..) on the Batik site for free would help all 
who attended and did not attend ( plus the new Batikers that would like to 
understand batik). Development in Apache is open and cooperative ..only if 
information is distributed openly and in a cooperative fashion! I maybe 
wrong...but SVG and Batik are open and I would hope that the presenters of 
the Batik sessions feel the same way about their sessions (baring any legal 

to be a focus for XML-related activities.......Batik at JavaOne certainly
does qualify as being a focus for XML-related activities....and having the 
notes (video,slides,etc...) on the site would only strengthen Batik's 
commitment to the mission of Apache.

I do not know all the issues behind the reason Sun would decide to close off 
open learning on the web....except $ ...let Batik (if it can) be a beckon of 
open and cooperative learning and make computer science knowledge free for 

and you know how I feel about it:

We all learn by sharing what we know
Robert A. DiBlasi

>From: "Max Dunn" <maxdunn@siliconpublishing.com>
>Reply-To: "Batik Users" <batik-users@xml.apache.org>
>To: "Batik Users" <batik-users@xml.apache.org>
>Subject: RE: So.....how was JavaOne  and Batik
>Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 23:32:55 -0700
>Google didn't bring up much, other than what was there pre-JavaOne.  The
>slides, where are the slides?  Or should I ask where is the SVG file that
>included all the slides?
>I'm not on the Batik team, but I can give my impression as a generic 
>First of all, the Batikers were *dogged* in terms of the schedule.  The BOF
>at 11 PM, the technical session at 8:30 AM on Friday (traditionally Fridays
>are sparsely attended, and Friday morning after a week of 8:30 AM to
>Midnight is hardly anyone's dream time).  Next Year, Batik deserves some
>prime time.  Nevertheless, this didn't dampen anyone's spirits.
>The BOF was fantastic.  The participants clearly knew their subject inside
>out, and they clearly had some superior software to show off.  Remembering
>back to the dawn of Java 2D, when the poor embarrassed presenters managed 
>skate along with concepts and promises rather than awesome demos, this was
>the exact opposite.  Java 2D has truly come of age, and it was shown off by
>Batik exceptionally well.  It was also shown off by a Java 2D app, ILOG's
>JView, that exports SVG.
>In true open source style the audience decided the sequence of the topics
>covered, and appropriately the slides were SVG, all slides for several
>presentations on a single SVG that was zoomed and navigated via SVG
>controls.  This presentation would be quite nice to have available on the
>web.  Didn't find it searching google...
>There was some practical talk of how to add SVG to a Java 2 app, a concise
>overview of the architecture of Batik, an explanation of the data flow of
>Batik, and talk of the present and future of Batik.
>In terms of the present they said that Batik 1.0 covered static SVG, full
>linking support, and some scripting, but did not yet include SMIL.
>In terms of the future the Batik team spoke of the desire to add further
>dynamic support, including both improved scripting and SMIL.  They said 
>wished to modularize the implementation.  They mentioned that SVG 1.0 was
>virtually complete, there was also the likelihood (certainty?) of an SVG 
>Working Group defining a 2.0 spec, and the possibilities for 2.0 were
>discussed.  Apparently there is also the possibility of a lighter weight
>spec for SVG aimed at small devices.
>ILOG demonstrated their JViews Composer Suite, which is a set of components
>for 2D graphics.  Quite an awesome demo, almost upstaged Batik itself.  At
>least it exports (static) SVG.  If anyone doubts the capabilities of Java
>2D, ILOG's software would put any such doubts to rest; it is simply 
>At the Batik technical session on Friday they really showed off Batik:
>unfortunately the large hall was rather sparsely populated, but those who
>were there were on the edge of their seats.  The Batik team demonstrated 
>use of Batik on the server to generate business cards, and the use of Batik
>for internationalization.  They showed the extreme zoom capabilities of
>Batik/SVG, very impressive.
>Batik and SVG also came up as a subject at other JavaOne sessions.  For
>example in the JAXP BOF, the XSLT transformation demo transformed into SVG,
>which was then rasterized to .PNG, using Batik.
>As one who attended JavaOne way back in 1998 when XML was covered in 
>fashion (I think there were 4 sessions total on XML that year, and it may
>have come up tangentially in about 15 others), SVG had a similar feel to 
>Those who knew about it were all deeply enthusiastic about it, and those 
>found out about it were almost instantly enthusiastic about it.  I think
>that SVG will really take off, in large part thanks to Batik.
>I think it would be a good idea to put the materials from the BOF and the
>technical session on the Batik site.  It appears Sun is going to attempt to
>sell access to the slides from JavaOne this year, which I think is very
>unfortunate.  Hopefully the Batik materials will be available to all at no

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