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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject Buffered image support svg
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 11:41:24 GMT
>>>>> "BI" == Biosoft  <biosoft_indore@yahoo.com> writes:

BI> I am working on expoting JAVA 2D Graphics images into SVG using
BI> batik. But it is not supporting XOR.  

    Well, SVG doesn't have an XOR mode persay (for XOR to make sense
you have to have a real frame buffer, which SVG really doesn't have
the concept of).  If we had to support XOR we could rasterize the
region that is making use of XOR, but that would likely destroy the
nice 'line-art' nature of the SVG generated.

BI> Even after remoing that it throws the following first
BI> stacktrace....

    The problem here is that the PNG encoder doesn't like the type of
image being drawn (yes, I know not a good reason).  The image is
probably some sort of '565' bit image or '332' bit image.

BI> When investigated further it shows some image in JComponent's
BI> paintChildren.(second stacktrace included) I am exploring the
BI> feasibility of SVG into our application.  My question is " is it
BI> possible ??? "

BI> [get a stacktrace] Even When then is no image or Buffered image in
BI> my original program !!!

    You are probably seeing the results of Swing's double buffering.
If you want to send swing components to SVG you really should turn of
double buffering first.  If this is done I'm guessing the
BufferedImage issue may go away as well, meaning the only thing
holding you back would be the XOR issue (which hopefully you can find
a better way to do).

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