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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject Bug report for Batik [2012/01/15]
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 07:16:07 GMT
| Bugzilla Bug ID                                                           |
|     +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
|     |   +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker CRI=Critical  REG=Regression  MAJ=Major   |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor   NOR=Normal    ENH=Enhancement TRV=Trivial |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
|23443|New|Nor|2003-09-26|reference vs referencing element bug              |
|25142|Ass|Nor|2003-12-02|TIFF 1bpp image with svgbrowser not drawable      |
|25740|New|Enh|2003-12-24|Better Error messages for SVGDOM in non-dynamic do|
|26309|Inf|Nor|2004-01-21|Non-horizontal text rendered incorrectly when crea|
|26466|New|Cri|2004-01-27|Incomplete support for AlphaComposite causes SVG e|
|26651|New|Enh|2004-02-04|Enhancement for OutputManager (SVGTranscoder)     |
|26816|New|Nor|2004-02-10|color-interpolation property ignored in alpha comp|
|26860|New|Nor|2004-02-11|unexpected non-zero alpha due to clamping of premu|
|27248|New|Nor|2004-02-26|[PATCH] Adding support for rendering-color-space p|
|27297|New|Min|2004-02-27|Transparency for indexed PNGs                     |
|27970|New|Min|2004-03-26|BUFFERED_IMAGE Hint Msg for some Graphics2D's     |
|28172|New|Enh|2004-04-02|Request BeanShell scripting support               |
|28806|New|Maj|2004-05-06|inclusion of animated gif hangs the application wh|
|29531|New|Enh|2004-06-11|JSVGCanvas API has minor inconsistency on property|
|29785|Inf|Nor|2004-06-24|SVGConstants should be public final class         |
|29786|New|Nor|2004-06-24|SVGConstants strings appear as strings not referen|
|30926|New|Enh|2004-08-29|RFE : allow to set a custom XmlWriter to SVGGraphi|
|31605|New|Nor|2004-10-08|SVG pretty printer screws up <text><tspan>..</tspa|
|31625|New|Enh|2004-10-11|Documentation and Interface on SVGGraphics2D is cr|
|31629|New|Nor|2004-10-11|SVGOMUseElement::getInstanceRoot() not implemented|
|32206|Inf|Nor|2004-11-12|NullPointerException in SVGPath.toSVGPathData     |
|33348|New|Enh|2005-02-02|Export to Windows metafile (EMF or WMF)           |
|33447|New|Cri|2005-02-08|Null Pointer Exception in TranscoderAPI           |
|33607|New|Nor|2005-02-16|Font file leakage, caching suggested              |
|34156|Ass|Enh|2005-03-24|RFE: Allow setting ECMAScript mode                |
|34202|Ass|Nor|2005-03-28|No proper RGBColor for color keywords             |
|34210|Ass|Enh|2005-03-28|RFE: Implement document.styleSheets               |
|34631|Inf|Cri|2005-04-26|Batik inside of Eclipse using bridge memory heap c|
|34694|Inf|Min|2005-05-01|ttf2svg and glyph-name attribute                  |
|35202|New|Nor|2005-06-03|SVGGraphics2D.stream(*) corrupts created document.|
|35233|Ass|Maj|2005-06-06|RhinoInterpreter does not always call setSecurityC|
|35629|Ass|Nor|2005-07-06|Script events don't trigger on <defs> elements    |
|35922|Inf|Maj|2005-07-28|SVG rendering is offset and/or missing.           |
|36184|Opn|Nor|2005-08-15|a clipPath applied to multiple graphics objects is|
|36627|New|Nor|2005-09-13|[PATCH] Implementation of 'static' from SVG 1.2   |
|36744|Ass|Nor|2005-09-20|feTurbulence - bad implementation of the seed attr|
|37496|Opn|Nor|2005-11-14|The attribute 'transform' of the element <path> is|
|37789|Inf|Cri|2005-12-05|Problems whem printing svg images                 |
|38205|New|Nor|2006-01-10|1-dimensional closed paths with round line join no|
|38207|Ass|Maj|2006-01-10|[PATCH] CSS character escape sequences not parsed |
|38891|Inf|Maj|2006-03-08|Massive WMFTranscoder problems                    |
|38937|New|Nor|2006-03-12|SVGError not dispatched for script errors         |
|39114|Ass|Nor|2006-03-27|Wingding Fonts in Squigle (SVG Browser)           |
|39196|New|Nor|2006-04-04|Allowed script origin not adhered to when there ar|
|39379|Ass|Enh|2006-04-21|Doesn't support CNF fonts                         |
|39400|New|Nor|2006-04-25|Add title in 'history' menu                       |
|39451|New|Enh|2006-04-30|Decouple gvt from bridge so clients can build thei|
|39714|Inf|Nor|2006-06-04|DefaultExtensionHandler derived class's handlePain|
|40091|Inf|Maj|2006-07-21|"JDK URL is corrupt or unsupported variant" except|
|40131|Inf|Maj|2006-07-27|SVG to PDF transcoder offsets polylines and polygo|
|40394|Inf|Nor|2006-09-01|Provide implementation of Icon interface in swing |
|40450|Inf|Min|2006-09-08|OutofMemory Exception swallowed.                  |
|40618|Inf|Cri|2006-09-27|JVM crash during svg rasterization                |
|40862|Ass|Nor|2006-11-01|SVG image with gradients color filling fails to re|
|41053|Ass|Nor|2006-11-28|NumLock causes MouseEvent to report wrong modifier|
|41249|New|Nor|2006-12-27|Wrong clipping with markerUnits="userSpaceOnUse"  |
|41294|New|Nor|2007-01-04|Stroke of circles with small radius totally wrong |
|41429|New|Enh|2007-01-21|DOMUtilities.writeDocument pretty printer enhancem|
|41451|Ass|Nor|2007-01-24|wrong behavior of multiple dy attributes in tspan |
|41626|Inf|Maj|2007-02-15|JSVGCanvas has memory leak problem when resizing t|
|41789|New|Nor|2007-03-07|Text containing surrogate pairs painted as paths i|
|41967|New|Nor|2007-03-28|Clipping too aggressive with shape-rendering="cris|
|41968|Ass|Nor|2007-03-28|:hover not implemented                            |
|41970|New|Nor|2007-03-28|Percentages of viewport wrong if its width/height |
|41993|New|Nor|2007-03-30|keyboard navigation                               |
|42042|Inf|Cri|2007-04-04|SVG image not showing properly.                   |
|42084|New|Nor|2007-04-10|Scripting tests use method calls instead of proper|
|42116|New|Nor|2007-04-13|text-rendering 'auto' output less legible that oth|
|42137|Opn|Maj|2007-04-16|Non-bubbling DOM events are bubbling              |
|42211|New|Nor|2007-04-24|pattern SMIL animation doesn't work               |
|42224|New|Maj|2007-04-24|JSVGCanvas ignores preferred size when viewBox is |
|42268|New|Cri|2007-04-26|Deadlock when JSVGComponent.stopProcessing() invok|
|42270|New|Nor|2007-04-26|making it easier to figure out rasterizing paramet|
|42313|Inf|Nor|2007-05-01|CONVERSION CROP                                   |
|42320|New|Enh|2007-05-02|Maven POMs for most Batik libraries               |
|42387|Opn|Nor|2007-05-10|Rendering GraphicsNode onto SVGGraphics2D cannot r|
|42395|New|Nor|2007-05-11|failure hiding text-decoration in tspan           |
|42398|New|Trv|2007-05-11|Suggestion for clarification in UpdateManager.inte|
|42417|New|Nor|2007-05-14|NegativeArraySizeException thrown in BidiAttribute|
|42528|New|Maj|2007-05-27|Partial Conversion of Huge SVG FILE creates huge P|
|42533|New|Enh|2007-05-28|Making JSVGScrollPane as a JavaBean               |
|42741|Ass|Enh|2007-06-26|Error Console and Timeline Viewer for Squiggle    |
|42776|New|Nor|2007-06-29|Batik does not handle 16bit per channel PNG well  |
|42793|New|Enh|2007-07-02|Ability to add an instance of java.awt.geom.Affine|
|42812|New|Nor|2007-07-04|Reduce Memory Usage by returning memory after the |
|43104|New|Nor|2007-08-13|path/polyline with many points looks jagged       |
|43193|Inf|Nor|2007-08-23|end marker is rotated 90                          |
|43246|New|Nor|2007-08-29|Event object dispatched when zooming doesn't imple|
|43411|Opn|Min|2007-09-17|Visible rendering glitch in simple document contai|
|43469|New|Nor|2007-09-24|textLength="" on text with children that form mult|
|43564|New|Nor|2007-10-06|Generic font families shadowed by fonts of the sam|
|43595|New|Nor|2007-10-11|Non-APM WMF files render with the wrong width and |
|43804|New|Nor|2007-11-06|Unnecessary jar dependencies                      |
|43947|New|Nor|2007-11-23|No units given for w,h,maxw,maxh,-a params for bat|
|44151|New|Maj|2007-12-28|Error rasterizing to JPG a SVG file with an embedd|
|44178|New|Maj|2008-01-07|Race condition in CleanerThread.java getReferenceQ|
|44194|New|Cri|2008-01-09|RadialGradientPaintContext: hints can be null     |
|44232|New|Cri|2008-01-14|LinearGradientPaintContext throws null pointer exc|
|44271|New|Nor|2008-01-20|begin does not reset animate for accumulate       |
|44276|New|Nor|2008-01-22|[PATCH] Output resolution for SVG rasterizer      |
|44486|Ass|Maj|2008-02-25|drawImage(BufferedImage, BufferedImageOp, int, int|
|44531|New|Min|2008-03-04|[PATCH] underline-position in font-face has wrong |
|44532|New|Nor|2008-03-04|comma in hkern (compatibility)                    |
|44553|Opn|Nor|2008-03-06|Incorrect bounding box returned for simple path   |
|44573|Ass|Nor|2008-03-10|Dependency graph omits several Jar files          |
|44654|New|Nor|2008-03-21|Rasterizer application should be able to output an|
|44682|New|Cri|2008-03-26|TranscoderException and EnclosedException when tra|
|44703|New|Nor|2008-03-28|Potential null pointer dereference in apps.svgbrow|
|44719|New|Maj|2008-03-31|WMFTranscoder Renders Contents Of WMF Outside of V|
|44720|New|Cri|2008-03-31|WMFTranscoder Renders WMF File With Artificacts   |
|44722|New|Cri|2008-03-31|WMFTranscoder/WMFPainter writes out "?" instead of|
|44751|New|Cri|2008-04-03|IllegalArgumentException is thrown when trying to |
|45020|New|Min|2008-05-16|The batik-rasterizer-1.7 isn't released in the def|
|45021|New|Nor|2008-05-16|updateRenderingTransform() shifts "xMidYMin" image|
|45218|New|Nor|2008-06-16|Should be able to set external resource security f|
|45296|New|Nor|2008-06-27|[PATCH] Bug in Os2Table                           |
|45397|Ver|Trv|2008-07-15|Missing target milestones in bug reporting tool   |
|45436|New|Nor|2008-07-19|Please provide source only package                |
|45443|New|Nor|2008-07-21|Deadlock using invokeAndWait from RunnableQueue   |
|45486|New|Nor|2008-07-26|support: externalResourcesRequired                |
|45572|New|Nor|2008-08-05|PreferenceManager gerPoint always returns default |
|45574|Ass|Nor|2008-08-06|block images and display desc (and title?) as text|
|45598|New|Enh|2008-08-08|Example SVG Stroke Font                           |
|45662|New|Enh|2008-08-21|remove( ) method in org.apache.batik.css.parser.CS|
|45663|New|Nor|2008-08-21|CSS Parser: comment handling in wrong order       |
|45669|New|Nor|2008-08-22|Paced animation of transform type translate is wei|
|45723|New|Nor|2008-09-01|[PATCH] startOffset attribute of textPath cannot b|
|45783|New|Enh|2008-09-11|[PATCH] HTML imagemap support                     |
|45947|New|Nor|2008-10-04|setTimeout() and setInterval() should return int  |
|45948|New|Enh|2008-10-04|Consider adding support for JSR-223 scripting lang|
|45949|New|Enh|2008-10-04|Various utility class patches                     |
|46055|New|Nor|2008-10-21|Batik CSS Scanner does not handle unicode-range co|
|46103|New|Min|2008-10-27|Review various possible bugs detected by Jtest    |
|46127|New|Nor|2008-10-29|Leading and/or trailing spaces don't contribute to|
|46227|New|Min|2008-11-18|[PATCH] Rasterizer task scripts are broken        |
|46238|New|Nor|2008-11-18|@font-face causes null pointer exception          |
|46283|New|Nor|2008-11-24|SAXSVGDocumentFactory namespace tracking fix      |
|46289|New|Nor|2008-11-25|Pointer Events Don't respect clipping.            |
|46310|New|Maj|2008-11-28|Squiggle does not render svg document correctly   |
|46374|Inf|Nor|2008-12-10|Fonts not found for SVG texts (when not in C:\WINN|
|46418|Inf|Nor|2008-12-19|NullPointerException in CSSEngine.getCascadedStyle|
|46429|New|Nor|2008-12-21|Exception thrown when using animateTransform      |
|46434|New|Min|2008-12-22|Drop Java 1.4 support                             |
|46452|New|Nor|2008-12-30|Exceptions thrown on to-animation with animateTran|
|46453|New|Nor|2008-12-30|animateTransform throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExcep|
|46455|New|Nor|2008-12-30|CachedImageHandlerJPEGEncoder constructor null han|
|46456|New|Nor|2008-12-30|Generated <font-face> elements should not use @sty|
|46473|New|Nor|2009-01-04|Code that uses BaseScriptingEnvironment.createWind|
|46474|New|Enh|2009-01-04|Source distribution should include Eclipse project|
|46476|New|Nor|2009-01-04|Scripting won't work if document doesn't have a UR|
|46513|New|Maj|2009-01-12|Migrate from proprietary "com.sun.image" to "javax|
|46618|New|Maj|2009-01-28|NPE when changing an element during animation     |
|46721|New|Maj|2009-02-17|Bug in SVGFeOffsetElementBridge when using primiti|
|46757|New|Maj|2009-02-22|WMF Transcoding problems with positioning of eleme|
|46791|New|Nor|2009-03-02|[PATCH] NullPointerException calling cloneNode for|
|46811|New|Nor|2009-03-06|[PATCH] Animation engine memory leak              |
|46861|Ver|Reg|2009-03-16|Regression: markers (and more?) broken since revis|
|46863|New|Maj|2009-03-16|DeflaterOutputStream not closed, causes OutOfMemor|
|46894|New|Nor|2009-03-23|[PATCH] CSS scanner keeps multiple file handles to|
|46896|New|Trv|2009-03-23|[PATCH] CSS Value constant for "text-align: start"|
|46914|New|Nor|2009-03-26|clipPath animation does not work                  |
|46919|New|Nor|2009-03-26|mask animation does not work                      |
|46926|New|Enh|2009-03-27|[PATCH] More control over RasterizerTask output fi|
|46994|New|Maj|2009-04-08|Batik can't be executed from a network path (win32|
|47065|New|Nor|2009-04-21|Intermediate (alpha) values are clamped inside an |
|47094|New|Min|2009-04-24|Processing xml:base                               |
|47099|Ver|Reg|2009-04-26|[PATCH] Regression: cursor behavior in text elemen|
|47171|New|Nor|2009-05-08|Should never use Error to report runtime errors   |
|47212|New|Nor|2009-05-17|[patch] Use efficient form of toArray             |
|47213|New|Min|2009-05-17|[patch] Remove useless null check                 |
|47221|New|Min|2009-05-19|cannot parse the input string because of simple CS|
|47257|New|Min|2009-05-23|The class RhinoClassShutter disables instantiation|
|47359|New|Nor|2009-06-12|[PATCH] Nested baseline-shift are not additive    |
|47491|New|Min|2009-07-07|Export SVG to PowerPoint using POI library        |
|47555|New|Nor|2009-07-21|Bottom part of files transparent at small sizes   |
|47585|New|Min|2009-07-26|Misleading transcoder instructions                |
|47627|New|Nor|2009-08-03|rotated gradients are doubly rotated in PDF output|
|47738|New|Nor|2009-08-25|access denied error when viewing SVG files        |
|47752|New|Enh|2009-08-27|All Glyphs in the TTF files are not included      |
|47800|New|Nor|2009-09-08|[PATCH] CSS scanner does not tokenize correctly ve|
|47917|New|Maj|2009-09-29|Text rendering broken in MacOS X 10.5             |
|47975|New|Maj|2009-10-09|NegativeArraySizeException in MultipleGradientCont|
|47993|New|Reg|2009-10-14|<path> elements with empty path data (i.e. d="") a|
|48073|New|Min|2009-10-28|Batik should display anchor "xlink:title" attribut|
|48407|New|Nor|2009-12-17|OutOfMemoryError, when zooming in svg document    |
|48468|New|Min|2009-12-30|Issues with Squiggle's DOM Viewer highlight shape |
|48473|New|Enh|2010-01-02|Support XMLHttpRequest (a.k.a. XHR)               |
|48562|New|Min|2010-01-17|Non-native cursors are imprecise (also, their look|
|48634|Opn|Maj|2010-01-28|[PATCH] The setSize(0) method of LRUCache does not|
|48702|New|Enh|2010-02-08|Allow rendering hints of rasterizer to be overrida|
|48771|New|Nor|2010-02-18|[PATCH] CleanerThread never terminates, causes lea|
|49046|New|Enh|2010-04-05|SVGGraphics2D: Allow toggling the output of DOCTYP|
|49206|New|Maj|2010-04-28|Duplicate classes with Java 6 and batik-ext.jar   |
|49216|New|Nor|2010-04-28|NullPointerException in DataBufferInt.getBankData(|
|49225|New|Nor|2010-04-29|Null pointer exception in XMLAbstractTranscoder   |
|49549|New|Nor|2010-07-04|SVGCSSStyler places 'fill' in style attribute for |
|49610|New|Nor|2010-07-17|Telugu font rendering broken                      |
|49614|New|Enh|2010-07-19|Add support for IRIs/URIs (with URI resolution and|
|49707|New|Nor|2010-08-05|Mix of qualified and local names for AbstractEleme|
|49736|New|Min|2010-08-10|Trailing whitespace in tspan elements breaks text-|
|49742|New|Min|2010-08-12|NPE in EventListenerList (Concurrency)            |
|49762|New|Enh|2010-08-17|Allow disabling key-based canvas interactors (or d|
|49897|New|Min|2010-09-08|Linkage error on org.w3c.dom.event (OSGi-related) |
|50045|New|Nor|2010-10-05|[META] Batik 1.8 release tracking bug             |
|50056|New|Nor|2010-10-07|ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in AbstractWMFPainter with 1|
|50291|New|Nor|2010-11-18|JPG does not render radialGradient style          |
|50330|New|Nor|2010-11-24|Embedded image reports unsupported or corrupt URL |
|50386|New|Cri|2010-11-30|Transcoding an svg into JPEG leads to out of memor|
|50536|Inf|Maj|2011-01-02|Problem with transcoding SVG files on multiple thr|
|50612|New|Nor|2011-01-18|SVGGraphics2D should not use scientific notation i|
|50639|New|Min|2011-01-23|Wrong DOMMouseEvent meta key modifier status on MA|
|50736|New|Maj|2011-02-08|NullPointerException in ttf2svg                   |
|50739|New|Enh|2011-02-09|16 bits per pixel output?                         |
|50808|New|Min|2011-02-18|images clipped when converted and/or re-sized     |
|50809|New|Nor|2011-02-19|Element not updated when referenced gradient has c|
|50810|New|Nor|2011-02-19|Unable to execute scripts with more than 64 KiB by|
|50837|New|Nor|2011-02-26|Text on path - incorrect alignment                |
|50951|New|Nor|2011-03-20|Unwanted runtime exception instead of checked exce|
|50961|New|Nor|2011-03-23|Script to push things to maven for 1.7            |
|51004|New|Nor|2011-03-31|allow "opacity" attribute on group of paths       |
|51054|New|Nor|2011-04-12|SVG                                               |
|51105|New|Maj|2011-04-22|Generating PDF using iText and PrintTranscoder ign|
|51129|New|Trv|2011-04-27|Old DOM example in SVG DOM API page               |
|51130|New|Nor|2011-04-27|Source code and Java docs artifacts on Maven Centr|
|51184|New|Nor|2011-05-11|intersected clipping paths are not rendered proper|
|51191|New|Nor|2011-05-12|Squiggle prevents Legitimate URL Navigation       |
|51263|New|Nor|2011-05-25|Batik libraries in maven repository compiled using|
|51373|New|Nor|2011-06-14|Rasterizer does not consider text-transform css pr|
|51428|New|Maj|2011-06-24|Parser hangs in parseStyleSheet function.         |
|51457|New|Nor|2011-06-30|invalid parsing of empty css selectors            |
|51765|New|Nor|2011-09-05|Text-underline not working inside flowSpan        |
|51782|New|Nor|2011-09-07|Out of memory in converting svg to png with clip-p|
|51805|New|Cri|2011-09-14|Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence Exception |
|51908|New|Nor|2011-09-28|DEPLOYMENT ISSUE: Invalid Class-Path element withi|
|52166|New|Nor|2011-11-10|animation of <g> tag does not work when use attrib|
|52249|New|Blk|2011-11-26|markers are not drawn if attribute is set after po|
|52254|New|Blk|2011-11-28|org.apache.batik.apps.rasterizer.SVGConverter     |
|52306|New|Min|2011-12-08|No way to output a rasterized file to stdout      |
|52431|New|Maj|2012-01-05|maven batik-awt-util 1.7 missing META-INF/services|
| Total  239 bugs                                                           |

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