Hi David,

David Wimsey <dwimsey@rtsz.com> wrote on 05/06/2010 05:57:47 PM:

> flowRoot doesn't seem to handle flowPara children properly

> It would appear that if I create a flowRoot with the required
> flowRegion and a flowPara (which seems to be allowed by my
> interpretation of the spec, Am I reading it wrong?) no text is rendered.

   The spec has changed since the implementation was written.
Originally a flowDiv was required to hold the flowPara elements.

> Anyone have any thoughts as to fixing this?  Doesn't seem like it
> should be too much of a fix for someone with knowledge of the
> internals, or is there a reason that it works like it does?

   All the code for the flowRoot traversals are in:

   It makes the code simpler that there can only be one
flowDiv and that all of the flowPara elements are contained
in it.  It might not be to bad to adjust the code to search
the whole flowRoot element and collect flowRoot and flowPara
elements.  The big question is would things do the right
thing with the nested block elements...