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From Gregorio Palama' <grego...@gregoriopalama.com>
Subject Re: Re: Append JTextArea in SVG Document
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 15:55:02 GMT
Hi Thomas and thanks for your answer.

 >    Do you really need a JTextArea or do you need editable text?

Basically, I need ad editable text. The problem is more complex than I  
could explain. The framework that I use at work already implements an  
editable area, but it has a lot of bugs and the team that should  
resolve those bugs has to ask the budget to fix them. So we were  
thinking to use something already tested, if it is possible, and my  
thoughts were about the JTextArea.

Every other tested implementations are welcome, as long as they have a  
full implemented text area and I can read/set all its options.

 > No there is no way to append a JTextArea directly into an SVG
 > document.  A number of people have experimented with supporting
 > swing components in Batik as part of an SVG document but it is
 > difficult to make it work well in the face of zooming and panning.

Well, I use my svg framework to develop simulations of real softwares,  
so I don't really care about zooming (at the moment, at least). 

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