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From Bogdan <bogda...@op.pl>
Subject DOCTYPE question (and a fix?)
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2008 12:36:45 GMT

 I encountered a small problem with batik-1.7: lets say I'm creating a
new SVGDocument, passing a new DocumentType to the constructor. I
can't remember the exact values, but it goes something like this:

SVGDOMImplementation.createDocument (..., ...,
	SVGDOMImplementation.createDocumentType ("",

 According to the docs, I'm doing everything correctly (public id goes
second, system id goes third). Then, I'm using a Transcoder to write
the document to a file and it has a DOCTYPE declaration, but:
- the system id shows up where the public id should be
- the public id is missing

 To get the file's DOCTYPE right, I had to use

SVGDOMImplementation.createDocumentType (SVGConstants.SVG_PUBLIC_ID,
	SVGConstants.SVG_SYSTEM_ID, "").

Am I missing something? Shouldn't perhaps
GenericDocumentType.getName() not return null? Or the
parameters/methods should get reversed meanings?

P.S. What about my previous 9 patches sent on 2008-09-14? Did you get
them? Any reply will do.

Pozdrawiam/Regards - Bogdan                     (GNU/Linux & FreeDOS)
Kurs asemblera x86 (DOS, GNU/Linux):http://rudy.mif.pg.gda.pl/~bogdro
Grupy dyskusyjne o asm:  pl.comp.lang.asm alt.pl.asm alt.pl.asm.win32
www.JabberPL.org www.TorProject.org Soft (EN): miniurl.pl/bogdro-soft

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