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From "Saptarshi Purkayastha" <sun...@gmail.com>
Subject Idea to contribute to SoC
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 06:46:57 GMT
Hi Batik Devs,
I want to participate as a student in the GSoC 2008 and help improve batik.
I found the different projects from Apache Software Foundation, but couldn't
find anything on batik. Thus, I want to propose a project on which I'm
willing to contribute. Hope this is the right place to propose the project

Batik is a very useful project and I've used the
SVG generator (SVGGraphics2D) for a project on creating SVG files. I
would like to contribute to the project and give back to batik. The
following is the idea that I have in mind:

Project name: batik-reports
Description: Batik has a great SVG generator and parser. Report generation
and DTP is a common work that people do with computers. SVG with its XML
format has an advantage in this field. The project proposes easy API to
connect tags and fields with userdatabase. We could create an SVG image in
any image editor. This image can be imported using the SVG parser in batik
and we could connect the image to that database and generate new SVG files
with the changes data coming from the database. For the database we could
use derby or other database through JDBC.
The application of this project could be vast and could help a lot of DTP
jobs. I had recently done something similar for a horse racing book printing
project. The company for whom I had done the project had data and images
about horses and races which it wanted to print into books. These books were
printed daily after each race and would help calculate the standing and bet
ratings on each horse. All the data comes from a database and an SVG file is
created that can be directly printed.

Would like to hear more from batik developers on the idea of the project and
how I could help improve the idea!!


You Live by CHOICE, Not by CHANCE

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