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From zb <zweibie...@physpics.com>
Subject Re: "and then modify it." color via css
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 16:06:44 GMT

After more searching, I finally found a message that suggested a path: 
as amended by its reply:

The folowing outputs two maps with diffeent colors for the United States:

    public void testTranscode()  {
        try {
            String parser = XMLResourceDescriptor.getXMLParserClassName();
            SAXSVGDocumentFactory f = new SAXSVGDocumentFactory(parser);
            String filename = "C:/maps/BlankMap-World6.svg";
            String uri = "file:///" + filename;
            Document doc = f.createDocument(uri, new FileReader(filename));
            SVGDocument sdoc = (SVGDocument)doc;
            Element svgRoot = sdoc.getDocumentElement();
            PNGTranscoder t = new PNGTranscoder();
            TranscoderInput input = new TranscoderInput(doc);

            // find the existing stylesheet in the map
            NodeList stylesList = doc.getElementsByTagName("style");  
            Node styleNode = stylesList.item(0);

            // append another stylesheet after the existing one
            SVGStyleElement style = (SVGStyleElement)
            style.appendChild(doc.createCDATASection(".us {fill: blue;}"));
            // transcode the map
            OutputStream ostream = new FileOutputStream("outblue.jpg");
            TranscoderOutput output = new TranscoderOutput(ostream);
            t.transcode(input, output);

            // replace the appended stylesheet with another
            SVGStyleElement oldStyle = style;
            style = (SVGStyleElement)
            style.appendChild(doc.createCDATASection(".us {fill: green;}"));
            styleNode.getParentNode().replaceChild(style, oldStyle);
            // transcode the revised map
            ostream = new FileOutputStream("outgreen.jpg");
            output = new TranscoderOutput(ostream);
            t.transcode(input, output);
        } catch (Exception ex) {

zb wrote:
> In message
>    http://www.nabble.com/Batik---PNG-Transcoder-to10713115.html#a10713183
> the author remarks that I can recolor SVG elements by loading the document
> with SAXSVGDocumentFactory.createDocument and "then modify it."
> That post gives several valuable tips on how to color things with CSS, but
> nothing useful about modifying a style sheet that has been loaded with a
> document. Nor can I find any examples on the web. Where should I look?
> To be more specific, I have downloaded an SVG map from wikipedia. I plan
> to load it into a Java application and transcode it to a png several
> times, each with a different coloring. As a learning experience, I'd like
> to use method calls to modify the stylesheet. But how?
> Thanks,
> Fred Hansen

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