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From c...@sinapto.net
Subject problems with beginElement() in java
Date Sun, 23 Dec 2007 00:40:05 GMT
hi all
I'm using an animation, defined in the svg,  set to indefinite

 <animateTransform id="anim"   begin="indefinite"   dur="6s"
repeatCount="indefinite"       attributeName="transform"
     attributeType="XML" type="rotate"
        from="0 360 170" to="-90"       restart="always"/>

It works (with begin="0s" ) but I cannot trigger begin and end.

I want it to start when a certain event occurs, using java
this is the code in the event listener:

  Element elt = document.getElementById("anim");
  boolean res=((SVGAnimationElement)elt).beginElement();

even though res is true, the animation doesn't begin.
this seems the same bug reported in:




What can I do?
is this a bug? Am I using the wrong method?

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