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From Michael Mosmann <mich...@mosmann.de>
Subject Batik Branch
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 11:45:54 GMT

in the last weeks i did a branch on batik. I changed the code in this
way, that ParsedURL is'nt a singleton anymore
( http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/batik/javadoc/org/apache/batik/util/ParsedURL.html ).


My Problem looks like this:

I want to integrate batik in different ways more than once a single JVM.
I need to tell batik for each instance where to find external
references. I tried different ways, but it did not work this way.

I have found, that changing ParsedURL is the only solution for this kind
of problem (some threadlocal hacks may work as well, but i think not in

I also did change the buildsystem to maven2, so i am not ready yet (some
packaging of resources).

Better Idea?

I think, i did it my way. But i think it would be better, if you do it
your way. I can give you the sources. But i think you know it better
than me where tho put changes.

I hope, you understand my problem. Any questions..? 

Thanks so far...
Michael Mosmann

Die meiste Zeit geht dadurch verloren, dass man nicht zu Ende denkt.

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