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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: Event listener problem
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 10:55:33 GMT
Hi Mahesh,

mahesh karanth <tumkurkaranth@yahoo.com> wrote on 01/11/2006 01:08:15 AM:

>   I want to handle a "click" event in a SVG document.

> Problem I am facing is ,Whenever I click on a number which is shown on 
> SVG I am able to enter into the evnt handling code that I have written , 
> this I am getting error Dailog of following type.
> ----
> SVG Error:
> E:\Mahesh\projects\geproject\Valid-test-data\new-test-data\case1\F3.072.
> 200--001TKGMUL_03\UT_1 (The system cannot find the file specified)

   Your SVG document has 'links' in it (the 'a' element with an xlink:href 

attribute).  The default behavior when one of these elements (or 
it's children) is clicked is to load the referenced document (which 
it appears you do not have), just like in HTML.

   There are two solutions to this:
        1) Remove the 'a' elements (the correct solution)
        2) call 'preventDefault()' on the event object passed to your
         event handler (the 'hack' solution ;).

>    <a xlink:href="UT_1">
>     <rect class="fil4" x="205" y="68" width="1" height="3"/>
>     <g transform="matrix(0.691005 0 0 1 108.866 -19.0694)">
>      <text x="140.034" y="90.4591" id="UT_1_REF_4" class="fil5 
>     </g>
>    </a>

PS: Questions like this should really be asked on the 'users' list
    not on the developers list.

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