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From "Filipe Marinho" <filipe.mari...@SE.EFACEC.PT>
Subject MessageFactory and XSLTCDTMManager stilling bandwith
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 18:17:26 GMT



I'm developing a applet that shows an image ( SVG ) that changes
according to some events that i'm not going to mention to be more brief.


The image is changed by replacing nodes of the Document (image
representation on memory - DOM).


Here is what i do to change the Document.


First i load a xml file to memory:




public static Document parseXmlFile(String filename, boolean validating,
boolean ns) {

        try {


            // Create a builder factory

            DocumentBuilderFactory factory =





            // Create the builder and parse the file

            //Document doc_temp = factory.newDocumentBuilder().parse(new


            Document doc_temp =



            return doc_temp;

        } catch (SAXException e) {

            // A parsing error occurred; the xml input is not valid


        } catch (ParserConfigurationException e) {



        } catch (IOException e) {




        return null;




Then i replace the document loaded with the desire node on the image
Document (DOM).




//Make a copy of the element subtree suitable for inserting into doc2

    Node dup = doc.importNode(gElement, true);


    // Insert the copy into doc2

    EventTarget all = (EventTarget)element;

    all.removeEventListener("click", new mouseClickListener(), false);





My problem is:


Whe i load my applet some computer i have noticed that when i change
something on the image my applet uses some bandwith (say 700 bytes ). I
have looked into apache html server log and the requests are:




nal.xsltc.dom.XSLTCDTMManager HTTP/1.1" 404 371


HTTP/1.1" 404 341



The first i'm pretty sure that he needs it to build the soap message the
acces to my webservice. But i don't know the reason of the second.


What is it?? can you help me?? How can i make my applet independent from
these calls??

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