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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: svn commit: r321030 - in /xmlgraphics/batik/trunk/sources/org/apache/batik: bridge/ bridge/svg12/ dom/ dom/events/ gvt/
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 01:30:15 GMT
Hi Cam,

cam@apache.org wrote on 10/14/2005 02:11:21 AM:

> 4. Elements in flowRegions are now rendered.

   Your solution to this doesn't work for static documents.
GraphicsNodes are only bound in the BridgeContext in dynamic
documents.  I think if you run regard all of the flow tests will

> 2. 'text' elements in 1.2 documents now look at the flattened
>    tree for content.
> 5. Fixed small bug with the xblChildNodes NodeList not being updated
>    properly.

   I was working on your NPE error and I think my fixes exposed
a bug in this stuff.  It appears that after the new text is 
inserted the xblFirstChild doesn't pick it up.

> -            GraphicsNode gn = builder.build(ctx, e) ;
> +            GraphicsNode gn = ctx.getGraphicsNode((Element) n);

   This won't work in a static document (it will return null).
The two options I can think of are to switch how you get the
GN based on if the ctx is dynamic, or to manage a local cache/map
when you create the flowRegion stuff.

   To be honest I wouldn't worry to much about this since
the SVG WG seems to be heading in a different direction.
My guess is that we will be tossing this code when the
SVG WG gets around to letting implementers know what they
are planning for flow text in SVG 1.2 (full). Thank you
very much!

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