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From "Graham Sanderson" <graham.sander...@lombardisoftware.com>
Subject Custom elements and the "style" attribute
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 02:59:16 GMT
I have an SVG with embedded custom elements which are used by javascript
within the SVG. These custom elements happen to have style attributes
with custom styles defined.


When using Batik 1.6, the style.getProperty(name) method and indeed
other style methods only return data for any style property names which
are known to Batik.


>From the CSSStyleDeclaration documentation:


"While an implementation may not recognize all CSS properties within a
CSS declaration block, it is expected to provide access to all specified
properties in the style sheet through the CSSStyleDeclaration


Batik does not appear to do this; am I missing something? I can parse
the style in JS myself for now but I have to use the "style" attribute
value, since style.cssText also only includes property names known to






P.S. moving the style properties onto real node attributes would be much
more work in this case than parsing the style attribute in JS.


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