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From Cameron McCormack <cam-batik-...@aka.mcc.id.au>
Subject Re: svn commit: r321030 - in /xmlgraphics/batik/trunk/sources/org/apache/batik: bridge/ bridge/svg12/ dom/ dom/events/ gvt/
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 01:38:56 GMT
> > 4. Elements in flowRegions are now rendered.
>    Your solution to this doesn't work for static documents.
> GraphicsNodes are only bound in the BridgeContext in dynamic
> documents.  I think if you run regard all of the flow tests will
> fail.

Oh, right.

> > 2. 'text' elements in 1.2 documents now look at the flattened
> >    tree for content.
> > 5. Fixed small bug with the xblChildNodes NodeList not being updated
> >    properly.
>    I was working on your NPE error and I think my fixes exposed
> a bug in this stuff.  It appears that after the new text is 
> inserted the xblFirstChild doesn't pick it up.

When you commit the fix I'll look at this.

> > -            GraphicsNode gn = builder.build(ctx, e) ;
> > +            GraphicsNode gn = ctx.getGraphicsNode((Element) n);
>    This won't work in a static document (it will return null).
> The two options I can think of are to switch how you get the
> GN based on if the ctx is dynamic, or to manage a local cache/map
> when you create the flowRegion stuff.


>    To be honest I wouldn't worry to much about this since
> the SVG WG seems to be heading in a different direction.
> My guess is that we will be tossing this code when the
> SVG WG gets around to letting implementers know what they
> are planning for flow text in SVG 1.2 (full). Thank you
> very much!

Yeah, I know, but I need to get updates to flow text working for my own
purposes and I figured I may as well commit it if I've made the


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