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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject RFC: flowText vs. flowRoot
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 21:11:32 GMT
Hi all,

    To date we have had the flowText element that was a Batik
extension.  With SVG 1.2 there is now the flowRoot element that
is _very_ similar.  I have been working on this and I now have a
fairly complete flowRoot implementation (it supports Bidi properly,
as well as arbitrary flow regions).  The one major area it lacks
is the vertical-align property from the old flowText element.

    It was easy to support vertical-align in the old case because
the regions were rectangles, it is quite a bit tricker to do for
arbitrary regions.  This however is not why I have not implemented
it.  The reason I have yet to implement it is that the spec is
_very_ unclear on how it is supposed to work.

    Thus at this point I see four major options.

	1) Just check in the current implementation (removing
the old flowText extension).   The assumed future is that
vertical-align will be clarified and it will be implemented and
in the meantime users of the property will have to stick with
Batik 1.5.2.

	2) Refactor the code so that flowText and flowRoot can
live in harmony together.  I may refactor flowText out of the
core of GlyphLayout anyway since it is A) possible, B) cleaner.
Thus even if we no longer provided flowText users who needed
vertical align could continue to use it until we provided the
property in flowRoot.

	3) Do a quick and dirty implementation for simple rectangular
regions for now.  This would let flowText people upgrade and take
advantage of the current stuff, however there is a high likelihood
users will have to update content again when the spec is clarified.

	4) Don't check in the new flowText stuff at all, maintain
status quo (perhaps publish as patch in Bugzilla - like
renderingColorSpace).  This makes it difficult for the majority
of the population that might not care about vertical-align.

	As you might guess I'm leaning towards 2 but 1 is what
I would like to do, at least in the short term.  So for people
using flowText what do you think?

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