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From Jeremias Maerki <dev.jerem...@greenmail.ch>
Subject Re: [REQUEST] XML Graphics setup
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 16:23:21 GMT
I can't tell what side-effects will arise from what I requested. I was
hoping there weren't any. Why don't you just ask the infrastructure
people? They will know better.

PS. Can we please use general@ for such discussions to minimize
cross-posting? By now, everyone interested in the XML Graphics setup
will be subscribed to general@xml...

On 01.11.2004 16:59:15 Clay Leeds wrote:
> NOTE: This was sent to fop-dev & batik-dev as I have a question about 
> the mailing lists I'd like to clarify before we 'ask' infrustructure@.


> When the Apache Forrest project changed to a new domain, they also 
> changed from forrest-dev@x.a.o to dev@f.a.o & user@f.a.o. 
> Unfortunately, with this change comes (IMHO) a significant problem for 
> browsers of the archives: forrest-dev@ mail is a completely separate 
> mailing list (with a separate interface). The problem is that 
> forrest-dev was used for *all* dev *&* user mailing list traffic, so a 
> search in the 'current' mailing lists' archives does not include 
> content in forrest-dev (that's a separate search).
> For example, with the change to fop-user@xmlgraphics.apache.org, I'd 
> like to make certain (if possible or logical) that we don't end up with 
> a similar problem.
> I'm not certain what the 'solution' looks like (or even if it's a real 
> problem!), but I thought we should chat. If it is a problem, we may 
> need to set up <mailing-list>@xmlgraphics.apache.org as an alias to 
> <mailing-list>@xml.apache.org. IOW, the mailing lists do *not* change 
> and we add aliases for @xmlgraphics.a.o.
> Is this something we should worry about? IMO, the ability to search 
> relevant archives using one search is more important than having a 
> 'real' address vs. an alias. We still would want to have all headers 
> (e.g., Reply-To:) and trailers set to <mailing-list>@xmlgraphics.a.o
> Thoughts?

Jeremias Maerki

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