I just happens to browse the next SVG Open conference agenda, and one of the events deals with a new XML specification (jst a working draft now) : SVG's XML Binding language (sXBL). I could just look at the W3C working draft, and it already sounds very interesting to me, so I have some questions about this :
- does anybody know some sites with more informations about this language than just the specification draft ?
- do you think it could be useful (and / or possible) to implement it with Batik for example, when the spec become stable (just a guess) ?  
Sorry if you feel it's not the right place for this question !!
P.S. : One of the reasons why I am potentially interested in this norm is that, in my company, we use a proprietary ASCII 2D graphic specification format (not related to XML at all). This specification allows to define 2D Shapes / Images, with some very simple embedded dynamic contents (for example, a line can have a variable length). I am now able (using Batik / Java), to parse the original images and convert them to SVG without loosing anything, and we use it daily now.
But I could not find any "normative" way to keep the original dynamic contents in the SVG file. Could sXBL be such a solution for the future ?