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From Jeremias Maerki <dev.jerem...@greenmail.ch>
Subject XML Graphics: board concerns
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 19:59:21 GMT
Batik and FOP devs,

things have been quiet but I finally know the reason. The board hasn't
approved the creation of the XML Graphics project due to the following
concern: They didn't recognize any names on the PMC list. It seems they
want at least one Apache member or an otherwise very visible and active
Apache committer on the PMC. Obviously, none of the proposed PMC members
fit that pattern. That's why I've asked around for such candidates.

The obvious choice would have been Vincent Hardy who has to decline,
unfortunately. So I asked Bertrand Delacrétaz and Keiron Liddle, both
Apache members, if they would be willing to join the XML Graphics PMC to
keep an eye on things and to address the board's concerns.

Bertrand is primarily a Cocoon developer but FOP people know him as the
FOP committer who brought his JFOR (FO to RTF converter) project into
FOP. Unfortunately, he's pretty much inactive code-wise but I know he's
still monitoring the FOP mailing list. Since Cocoon is a big FOP
customer, Bertrand would be a good binding entity between the two
projects. I've met him at lots.ch earlier this year and all I can say is
that he's a very nice guy. He said, he would be glad to help.

Keiron replied to me today. He said he would definitely be glad to help.
Many Batik and FOP people will know Keiron well from his active coding
days. He knows both projects very well so he can surely be helpful with
any high-level problems that may come up. We probably can't count on him
doing any coding work, although if that changes we will surely be very
happy. He told me he's sick at the moment, so I only have a short
statement from him. So we will probably hear some more of him. Keiron,
I hope you get well quickly!

Does anyone of the Batik and FOP committers have an objection against
inviting Bertrand and Keiron into the XML Graphics PMC?

If one of the two would like to take the chair position I'd gladly
restart a vote on that part.

We will not be able to resend the project request in time for this
month's board meeting so I'm targeting the next one. Until then, I'd
like to have everything sorted out again, so we can finally go forward
with this.

Jeremias Maerki

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