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From Cameron McCormack <cam-batik-...@aka.mcc.id.au>
Subject Re: SVG, sXBL and Batik
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 00:59:53 GMT
Hi Herv.

Herv Girod:
> I just happens to browse the next SVG Open conference agenda, and one
> of the events deals with a new XML specification (jst a working draft
> now) : SVG's XML Binding language (sXBL). I could just look at the W3C
> working draft, and it already sounds very interesting to me, so I have
> some questions about this :
> - does anybody know some sites with more informations about this
> language than just the specification draft ?

The draft having just been released, I don't think there is much other
information about sXBL out there yet.  You could look at some RCC
examples on the web.  RCC was the mechanism proposed in some SVG 1.2
working drafts to handle custom elements, but was subsequently dropped
in favour of sXBL.  RCC was partially implemented in ASV6pr1.

Also of course you could come along to SVG Open!  There are apparently
still places left for the workshops on Tuesday.

> - do you think it could be useful (and / or possible) to implement it
> with Batik for example, when the spec become stable (just a guess) ?

Sure.  I was wondering myself yesterday whether it would be a useful
exercise to implement it as it stands (though the specification isn't
quite complete).

> Sorry if you feel it's not the right place for this question !!

No, this is an appropriate place!

> P.S. : One of the reasons why I am potentially interested in this
> norm is that, in my company, we use a proprietary ASCII 2D graphic
> specification format (not related to XML at all). This specification
> allows to define 2D Shapes / Images, with some very simple embedded
> dynamic contents (for example, a line can have a variable length). I
> am now able (using Batik / Java), to parse the original images and
> convert them to SVG without loosing anything, and we use it daily now.
> But I could not find any "normative" way to keep the original dynamic
> contents in the SVG file. Could sXBL be such a solution for the future?

Yes, if you keep your original contents as XML, sXBL would be one
possibility for having your format rendered as SVG behind the scenes.


Cameron McCormack
|  Web: http://mcc.id.au/
|  ICQ: 26955922

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