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From Hervé Girod <herve.gi...@club-internet.fr>
Subject Problem in SVGFont class ?
Date Sat, 11 Sep 2004 10:40:08 GMT
Hello !

When using the svgen package to convert Java2D stuff to SVG, the default font-family declaration
for each Node is always enclosed in the classic &apos constructions (for " ' "), for example

<g ... font-family="&apos;Courier New&apos; ...

Althrough the corresponding SVG image can be opened without problem (because when a text Node
is encountered, the actual font declaration coming with the text don't have this particularity),
I found that this construction was a bit odd...

After browsing through the sources, I discovered that the class that is directly responsible
for this &apos stuff is the SVGFont class in package svggen. In the static familyToSVG(Font
font) method, we have this code :

    StringBuffer fontFamily = new StringBuffer("'");

It is obvious that, when trying to write the corresponding SVG Document to a file, the XMLWriter
will have to write a " ' " character, so it will transforms it to &apos;, which is perfectly

What's the reason for this " ' " enclosing, is it a bug or is there a reason for that that
I don't see yet ?

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