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From Hervé Girod <herve.gi...@club-internet.fr>
Subject RFE in WMF transcoder
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 17:39:46 GMT
Hello ! I have some remarks on the WMF transcoder package.

I noticed that the WMF transcoding process don't handle the charset in which the fonts are
defined in the WMF file, the result being that, for example, greek characters are not properly
handled : When some text is encountered (META_TEXTOUT), the WMFRecordStore uses the standard
charset to decode the incoming bytes. It should use the charset ID encountered for the last
font (META_CREATEFONTINDIRECT), and decode the bytes accordingly.

Another problem I encountered is that the decoding of WMF text (META_TEXTOUT) seems to depend
on the fact that there is exactly as many bytes as there is characters in the text. In fact,
WMF files code strings in U16 cells, each cell storing two characters, so if there is an odd
number of characters, it is necessary to read the last remaining half of U16, or the reading
of the file will stop abruptly after that...
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