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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: bugzilla during comiter absence
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 14:53:36 GMT
Hi Cameron,

   I don't think it is a good idea to try and bundle variations for
various platforms, it is hard enough to maintain one good set of
reference images (this might actually argue towards not including
any reference images and have each person 'generate' there own
set of reference images from a known good copy of Batik).

   Anyway I would suggest downloading a clean copy of Batik 1.5.1
run regard there with 1.4 (once we sort out the font problem) and
then just copy to candidate-variation files to your working copy
of Batik as 'accepted-variation' files.

   For the font it appears to me that they are not including
the infinity char in the embedded symbol font.  In this case
Batik will check every font installed on they system to try
and locate a font that is capable of displaying the character.
This is almost certainly why it is dying.

    You could easily check this by removing or replacing with an 8,
the character '&#x221E;'.  This doesn't help much with identifying
the problem font though...

Cameron McCormack wrote:

> Thomas DeWeese:
>>   What JDK are you using?  1.4?  If so this is likely the problem
>>here.  There are some subtle differences in the rendering.  I'm a
>>little reluctant to move from 1.3 to 1.4 for testing because it means
>>that quite quickly Batik will likely only support 1.4 - and right now
>>there is no pressing issue with 1.3 compatibility (1.2 compat was
>>dropped because it was getting expensive).
> Yeah I'm using 1.4.  Maybe there should be 1.4 variations included (or
> make 1.4 the standard and include 1.3 variations)?
> I'm not even sure if I can get the right libstdc++ libraries to work
> with the JDK 1.3 that I just downloaded!
>>> Running samples/mathMetal.svg
>>> java: ../../../src/share/native/sun/awt/font/t2k/t1.c:2171: 
>>> tsi_T1GetGlyphIndexFromAdobeCode: Assertion `0' failed.
>>   Hmm, can you view mathMetal in squiggle?  This looks to me like
>>you might have a 'corrupt' font on your system.  You could look at
>>what fonts mathMetal uses and try 'hiding' them to isolate what one
>>is causing the problem.
> mathMetal seems to use only embedded fonts.  The error sounds like it is
> in a Type 1 font.
> *tests*
> I removed the gsfonts-x11 package and now it seems to work.  Doing this
> probably will break ghostscript or xpdf though, I guess.
> Maybe I'll just have to run the tests in Windows in vmware, but that would
> be fairly annoying and slow!
> Cameron

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