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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: bugzilla during comiter absence
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:40:58 GMT
Hi Cameron,

    The basic criteria for checking stuff in is running
'regard' on the code.  To run regard you need to have
a copy of the W3C SVG test suite (the directory should
be named 'beSuite') as a sibling of the xml-batik directory.
You should be able to get it from:


    Then you should be able to type:

$ build regard

    This should then go off and run around a 1000 tests on Batik
and generate a summary of failures in:


    You can then look at html/regardReport.html in your web
browser to see what went wrong.  You are likely to have some
differences due to fonts etc.

    One nice thing is that if you decide a difference is harmless
you can copy a 'variation' file from the 'candidate-variation'
directory to the 'accepted-variation' directory (these are in
test-references in a structure that mimics the 'samples' directory
tree). From then on regard will consider the test to pass as
long is the variation stays constant

    You can also give the name or part of a name to regard and it
will only run those tests.  For example:

build regard text

    Will run only those tests that have 'text' in their name.
This is helpful if you are debugging a failed test.  In general
we try to add new tests when we fix a failure.  The list of
tests to run lives in test-resources/org/apache/batik/test/regard.xml
which references other files listing tests, most of the 'samples'
tests are called out in .../batik/test/samplesRendering.xml.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about the tool
or how to run it.

Cameron McCormack wrote:

> Tonny Kohar:
>>I would like to ask the status of Batik bug found during commiter
>>absence and the provided fix (is it acceptable ?).
>>Here is the bugzilla ID, and the provided fix by various person.
>>- 28679 (Fill rule bug, it is fixed by Cameron McCormack, if the fix is
>>not on bugzilla, contact me/him, I still got his fix on my computer)
>>- 28035 (Default AttributeInitilizer bug)
>>- 28081 (Enhancement not bug regarding SVG DOM default attribute
> I could commit them now, but I think I need guidance from Thomas and
> Vincent: for small patches likes these do I need to check in regard
> tests as well?  If not what sort of things do I need to do make tests
> for?  (I've been looking through the test directories to get acquainted
> with the architecture; I don't want to start checking in willy nilly.)
> Are you keeping any separate branches for major additions to the
> codebase?
> Thanks,
> Cameron

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